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Design in Space

Surround yourself with style

Montebar Villa By JM Architecture

Built in a picturesque area of Medeglia, Switzerland, this distinctive house provides incredible views over a valley, forests and mountains. Surrounding vineyards and pastures also...

Flying Black House By H3T Architects

Surreal and fascinating, this seemingly floating structure built in a forested area captivates with its fairy-tale like appearance as well as with its gloomy ambience. The house was...

Gorski Kotar House

Unlike any other architectural project, the Gorski Kotar House came to be thanks to a single tree growing in a striking mountainous landscape in Croatia. The walnut tree first...

De Beauvoir House By Cousins & Cousins

Located in a heritage area in Hackney, London, the new extension added to De Beauvoir House brings a touch of modernity to the neighborhood while also complementing the traditional...

Design in Execution

How designers play

Design in motion

Rolling now

The Aspen Project – Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser By FJ...

A perfect blend of classic and modern, the ‘Aspen Project’ brings an iconic car back to life. Restored by FJ Company, this Toyota FJ43 follows on the footsteps of another...

The Limited-Edition PG X Bugatti Bike

When Bugatti decides to design a bike, one expects a stylish product. When that bike complements the new Chiron, excitement jumps to ridiculous levels. And when the Italian giant...

Design in life

Elevate your everyday

Design in Abstraction

Where fantasy meets reality

Substance And Increase – A Must-See Art Exhibition

In an era where climate change discussions and the relationship between man and nature have been pushed back to the back instead of being at the forefront of public consciousness,...

Homeland By Pontus Willfors

The ‘Homeland’ exhibition challenges a concept one often takes for granted - the safety and security of home. The home as a shelter that protects from the outside world, the...

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