With an understated ability to make a name for himself in the luxury watch industry, Daniel Dreifuss, the founder and lead designer of Maurice de Mauriac (Zurich), produces some of the most elegant men’s watches available today. Defining subtle opulence and remarkable quality, this collection offers a lot to covet for the timepiece connoisseur – we like every single watch, particularly the modern, sporty yet ruggedly clean lines of the chronograph L. Most watches today seem to be more about status symbols than practicality, but the Maurice de Mauriac wrist watches stand in a class by themselves: a form of personal expression, they’re also slowly becoming world-renowned for cutting-edge technology, accuracy and reliability, as well as for their unique designs. Some are more old-school, while others are a bit more contemporary in design and materials (for example, a woven sport-band versus the traditional leather band), but one thing is for certain: this collection combines the classic good-looks of the traditional watch with an updated look for the modern man on the move!














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