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World Beard and Moustache Championships


    “Hairy” might be the understatement of the year when it comes to this competition: The World Beard and Moustache Championships (WBMC) – a global competition held amongst the most stylized hirsute men out there – announced that the United States is the world’s “new facial-hair super power”! After winning 12 out of 18 categories and dethroning Germany, the U.S. was proud to award David Traver as the most recent winner, whose woven-looking beard won in the “Freestyle Full-Beard” category (check out this link for more dreadnaught details: World Beard and Moustache Championships).

    The WBMC is a biennial event that features a variety of categories, from outrageous beards to outlandish (bordering on the verge of cartoonish-looking) moustaches and other facial hair that defies the laws of gravity…or nature, for that matter! The next big event will be Beard Team USA Nationals in May, 2010; location: TBA. No better time than now to start growing that ‘stache!

    And while you’re marking that down on your calendar for things to do…don’t forget: November (as officially known from here on it at this blog) will be known as Movember! Movember is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health with a particular focus on prostate cancer…we’re doing our part to donate part of our proceeds to a prostate cancer organization; if you’re interested in learning more about donating or becoming part of this charitable event, click here





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