Standing in front of toothpaste shelves in the pharmacies these days, we often find ourselves confused between the million of different flavor explosions, whitening-refreshing-anti cavity-strengthening-do-it-all-doctor-recommended-america’s best sellers. Somehow, we wish we could have found one simple option, a toothpaste we can trust. And then came Marvis. Marvis is an Italian toothpaste –  simply a very  good toothpaste with a clear intention and a very honest marketing approach, to be a… toothpaste. So you’re asking what’s so good about Marvis? Well, let’s start with the natural ingredients, the manufacturing is still done following a long precise traditional Italian method which does not include any fancy chemistry and little unknown bubbles and bursts. Continuing the praises, let’s move on to the beautiful aluminum tube. And last, but not least, the taste. Talk about pure pleasure. It’s burst of flavor and aroma in a place you wouldn’t expect – with Mint as the basis for the on-going freshness you need, the notes of all-around-the-world flavors and spices create a different, surprising and sensational experience every day: Jasmin Mint, Ginger Mint, Strong Mint, Aquatic Mint and Whitening Mint.
Try them once, rediscover the pleasure of everyday act turned into a celebration in your mouth and you’ll never go back to stand wondering in front of the pharmacy shelves…

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  • Maye Creehan

    I believe you’ve supplied some helpful information. I’d love to discover much more and I’ll keep checking back as regularly as possible. :)

  • dentist vaughan

    This toothpaste has a great taste that many of many dental patients are looking for.

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  • vancouver cosmetic dentistry

    Marvis flavors are created by offsetting the aroma of mint, to provide the freshness you need, with innovative notes to offer you a long-lasting pleasurable taste sensation that can be different every day..

  • John C.

    This is the best toothpaste I’ve ever used. It really keeps your breathe fresh all day long, and it REALLY, I mean REALLY feels clean. And the flavors are amazing too. I recommend the Ginger Mint and the Whitening Mint.