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Ballfinger Table Lamp

  • Ballfinger table lamp is one of those things we all would like to have on top of our desk.  Beautiful design, slick, elegant and very solid. I am sure you know what I refer to when I say solid. I mean, this table lamp has nothing to do with the inexpensive ones we all have tried. Yes those “apparently” beautiful ones  from relatively close which normally break in no time. Those that  if  you look at them from real close (aka from the standpoint you look at them each time you are at your desk) they show a lot of imperfections and quite soon after you purchase them they wont hold any position anymore. Well, I can assure you this wont happen with the Ballfinger.  The light source is fixed over two axes for free rotation, the base and the mid part are connected with ball joints, and the material is polished aluminum. It comes in three different colors, white, black and orange. I think this goes always back to the same point, you get what you pay for…














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