School is back! What an excitement for the kids, and what a – let’s face it – relief for the parents! No more trying to come up with creative ideas of what can-we-do-today-without- damaging-my-brain-and-pocket. Let their teachers worry about it. But wouldn’t it be fun to have a 2 months vacation, just like that? This is one thing we do miss about school. The other thing we miss (ok, more than one thing. We are so geeks you wouldn’t believe it, but that’s for other times) is the excitement of the shopping for it. The bag, the notebooks, the covers, and the pens and pencils and the pencil case (with the gadgets! You click on a button and out comes the sharpener! Oh, what joy!)
Hmmmm…. Back to real life.
The fact that you’re not in elementary school anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have your share of writing utensils joy. The Acme No. 2 Pen & Pencil Set contains a rollerball pen and a mechanical pencil, which look like the simple wooden No. 2 pencils. They look so simple and yet the quality, the balance, the feeling you get when holding it and writing with it is unique and amazing. The set is designed by artist and Acme founder Adrian Olabuenaga, so you can be sure the person who created it understands pencils and pens, the people who use them and the love for design and craftsmanship.
The set also includes a set of pencil refills and extra pencil erasers, and it makes a great gift for writers, architects, designers… and everybody who got a kick out of buying pencils for the first day of school.  Buy here





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