We were invited to a Jewish New Year’s meal at our friends’ house this weekend. How fun is it to celebrate two new beginning of a year instead of just one? You can come up with twice the New Year’s resolutions, not to mention twice the gifts! We really wish we could have given our friends (or receive, but that’s irrelevant now, you’d understand why in a minute) the Hotei sculpture, created by Estonian sculptor Villu Jaanisoo. This 300 x 200 x 200cm sized made of recycled tires sculpture, depicts Hotei, one of the seven lucky gods of Japan – he’s a fat and happy the god of abundance and good health. What more can a person wish for? We love the fact that details and facial expressions can be delivered by the everyday material, and you really want to hug this chubby guy and smile for the good things in life with him.
Check out Jaanisoo’s other creations, the Rubberduck (smart, it’s made of rubber. What an Ahhhhh moment), the Shell, the Couch and the American Mirror.
Shana Tova everyone and a Happy Sweet New Year !






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  • KiwiKev

    Very Kool.