You may have noticed by now that bicycles are a fetish for us. Color them, fold them, put plastic antlers on the handle bars… we’re there. So if you’re sharing our enthusiasm –  yay! If not – too bad. Skip this one.
Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman had created this beautiful compactable Urban Bicycle dubbed “Eco // 07”, with the aim to save space especially while traveling and storing.It can be transported around easy by dismantling the entire bike. The design consists of two systems – Wheel folding system and Bike Structure system.
The wheels are where the entire design is based upon. Each wheel is composed of 6 modules, each one has a double pivot in the joints allowing it to fold and become smaller. The spokes of the bike is in the inner structure of the wheel and so when you unfold the system, they rotate to the center of the mechanism where it is attached to the center of the wheel.
The double triangle structure is composed of expandable modules, each one collapses to a smaller dimension and then this modules aligns with the rotation of the axis in the joint of the structure. A special X aligns all the modules to their position.
Cheers Victor, you brought the fun back to functional.  And for the rest of us who still commute with regular bikes, if you have storage problems, this is for you.

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