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Shoelaces Rug Available @GSelect

The shoelace rug is a “happenstantial multiple” created by Nate Silverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh. It moves beneath your feat, creating an ever-changing sculpture that’s surprisingly comfortable and engaging. Custom versions are available, either in terms of colors and size, but the standard black+white versions start out at 1 meter by 2 meters (small), and 2 meters by 3 meters (large),  it’s machine washable and now available at GSelect!!

  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_1
  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_2
  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_3
  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_4
  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_5
  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_6
  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_7
  • shoe_laces_unique_rug_Gselect_8
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