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Good Karma

The Karma uses Q-DRIVE plug-in hybrid technology, developed exclusively for Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies. A fully-charged Karma burns no fuel for the first 50 miles.

  • Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies
  • Venture further and the gasoline engine turns a generator to charge the lithium ion battery. Once the 50-mile electric range has been exceeded, the car operates as a normal hybrid vehicle. This balance of electric and gas range makes it entirely possible that Karma drivers who charge their car overnight and commute less than 50 miles a day will achieve an average fuel economy of 100 mpg.

  • Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies1
  • Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies3
  • Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies4
  • Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies5
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