Born in New Zealand in 1969, Ross knew from the age of 13 that he wanted to be a photographer. He has been single mindedly pursuing photography as a career, and way of life, ever since.
His focus is Advertising & Design, where he works within a wide range of styles, and techniques, covering subject matter as diverse as landscape, people, sports, animals, still life and conceptual work.
Ross believes that advertising photography can be an art in it’s own right, as evident in his work.
His images are classical, inherently elegant, and meticulous in detail. He combines a mastery of light and form, mood and atmosphere, with a strong emotive quality and sensitivity to his subject matter.
He possesses a high degree of technical ability and is particulary skilled at producing multiple composite images. Ross believes every job should be finely crafted, and likes to have a hand in the retouching of his work, following a job through to completion.






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