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Movers and Shakers

You want to spice up your life. Belly dancing classes, bird watching weekends or even just a simple change in the way you do your hair (simple can be a relative term to some of us). Why not start by simply adding a little stylishness to your dining table?

Check out these cool salt and pepper shakers, which will surely add a little more than just flavor, to your next meal.

  • Shakers-snowman-whole
  • This sweet Snowman Shaker, with salt, pepper  and sugar holder is a daily reminder that there clearing and joy after the stormy bouts in life. And if there’s too much white powder around, remember, too much salt might ruin the dish.

  • Shakers-snowman
  • Like the chess pieces, the Chess Salt and Pepper Shakers are matched in a set, with white indicating salt and black for pepper. You don’t need to remember how each of them is allowed to move. Just shake them.

  • Shakers-chess-salt-and-pepper
  • If you’re into blessing before the meal, or just keep your hopes that that chocolate cake would not contain more than 20 calories, or that fish won’t have hidden bones, or that your favorite soccer team would score a goal (nothing like a good World Cup while eating), these Amen Ceramic Shakers would be… handy.

  • Shakers-amen-two-hands
  • Shakers-amen-bottom
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