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Eiffel Stool

Eiffel Stool by Shigeki Fujishiro is made out of a special paper developed in Europe, that consist of pure pulp and recycled paper. The material of this Eiffel Stool is prominent by means of durability, flexibility, weight, pliability, and insulation. Very earth-friendly material as excess during process can be recycled. Trussing of the legs has intensified the strength to a point where the “paper” is no longer felt. “eiffel” is of course named after the towering steel-structured masterpiece.

  • Eiffel-Stool-by-Shigeki-Fujishiro-3-530x397
  • Eiffel-Stool-by-Shigeki-Fujishiro-2-530x408
  • Eiffel-Stool-by-Shigeki-Fujishiro-4-530x397
  • Eiffel-Stool-by-Shigeki-Fujishiro-530x407
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