Bob’s Your Uncle is a Boston, Massachusetts based company, founded by Martin and Michele Yeels in 2001. Originally from England, they moved to the States in 1993 “just for a year or two” and have been in Boston ever since. Martin is a graphic designer, Michele a former shoe designer. You can see the love and understanding of design in their line of products – each one is colorful, beautiful and thoughtful design, featuring diner signs and elements, that make you feel like you’re traveling across the country, even if you’re just having a simple sandwich.

The Diner Melamine Plate Set is a set of four melamine dinner plates, featuring photographs taken at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, Massachusetts by Keller and Keller.

Diner Melamine Plate Set

The Let’s Eat Tray makes you want to finish what’s on your plate (or tray) just to see the wonderful photo underneath.

Let's Eat Tray


The Roadside Signs Melamine Plate Set is a set of four melamine dinner plates, featuring images of roadside signs from photographs taken on road trips around the USA.

Roadside Signs Melamine Plate Set

Check also the Wash Soapdish, featuring a carwash sign.


The In and Out Tray Set is make a great solution for all the stuff you take out (and into) your pockets when you arrive home.


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