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InkDish Irezumi Collection At GSelect

Having trascended skulls and cross-bones along with its rebel distinction, tattoo art has gone from taboo to trendy. The new canvases for tattoo art don’t necessarily require a needle and skin, offering a pain-free alternative to enjoying this particular form of artistic expression.

InkDish is a company that has launched a new brand of dinnerware targeted for the youngest generations and affordable for everybody. The porcelain is fired in asia with an in-glaze decal where the decal is fired at the melting point of the glaze and sinks into the glaze making an in surface pattern that is microwave and dishwasher safe that will never scratch. Irezumi (japanese for tattoo) designs come from famous tattooist Paul Timman of the World reknowned sunset strip tattoo parlor. After beginning work at sunset strip tattoo parlor, some 10 years later, Paul became one of the leading tattoo artists in the world recognized as a specialist in tribal and traditional japanese designs.


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  • irezumi_4_side_plate_set
  • irezumi_bowl
  • irezumi_dinnerPlate
  • irezumi_mug
  • Irezumi_serviceForOne
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