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Horacio Salinas

  • Horacio Salinas has a weird and wonderful way of taking everyday objects and turning them into interesting pieces of art. The New York-born son of Argentine immigrants, Salinas has worked with everyone from Vogue, The New York Times, and GQ.

    How does he describe his job?
    “If I have to do one picture about a topic, I want that picture to say everything in a second.”

  • horaciosalinas1
  • horaciosalinas3
  • horacio-salinas2-550x701
  • horacio-salinas3-550x682
  • horacio-salinas4-550x701
  • horacio-salinas4-580x738
  • horacio-salinas5-550x701
  • horacio-salinas6-550x701
  • horacio-salinas7-550x700
  • horacio-salinas8-550x701
  • horacio-salinas10-550x702
  • horacio-salinas11-550x701
  • horacio-salinas9-550x702
  • horacio-salinas13-550x700
  • horacio-salinas14-550x704
  • horacio-salinas15-550x701
  • horacio-salinas16-550x700
  • horacio-salinas17-550x699
  • horacio-salinas18-550x701
  • horacio-salinas19-550x700
  • horacio-salinas20-550x699
  • horacio-salinas21-550x698
  • horacio-salinas22-550x393
  • horacio-salinas24-550x699
  • horacio-salinas171-550x703
  • horacio-salinas-550x701
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