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Men’s Jewelry by National Design Collective

We are proud to announce the M3 and M4 rings by National Design Collective are now available at GSelect.

The M3 + M4 ring elevates the utility screw to the status of diamond.

Where luxury items are typically based upon their rarity, M3 & M4 challenge this notion by redefining that luxury should stem from utility merit and not on scarcity. Designed and made in Toronto, the rings are sterling silver, hand-polished to a mirror finish, and feature a detachable M3 or an M4 stainless steel hex-screw.
Rings are shipped in a beautiful reusable wooden box, (the outer sleeve is made of FSC certified paper, 100% post-consumer material, and processed chlorine-free).

  • M3_M4 ring a
  • M3_M4 ring b
  • M3_M4 ring c
  • ring package 02
  • ring package 03
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