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New Idols, Francesco De Molfetta

Francesco’swork has a striking impact above all for their immediate legibility that are distinguished for their characterized  irreverent irony. This young artist assembles small every day objects with recuperated characters of toys and small models of modelling, creating situations at the same time fun and open spaced, that live a representing paradox.

Disturbing but intriguing.

  • 19_jetsus-dett
  • lourdes-vuitton-2-359x540
  • franceso-de-molfetta-new-idols-4-423x540
  • franceso-de-molfetta-new-idols-front
  • franceso-de-molfetta-new-idols-6-540x439
  • franceso-de-molfetta-new-idols-10-540x402
  • obama-cyborg
  • Via Highsnobiety

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