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Cube Dudes by PIXAR Animator Angus MacLane

Pixar animator Angus MacLane is an incredible artist that uses Lego bricks to create what he calls “Cube Dudes”. Every pop culture icon from Homer J Simpson to Darth Vader is included in Maclane’s exhaustive collection of mini-figures. His ability to capture each characters unique features  is outstanding. Enjoy a portion of the collection.

  • AngusMaclane_CubeDude_BruceLee
  • AngusMaclane_CubeDude_HomerJSimpson
  • AngusMaclane_CubeDude_JackSkellington
  • blue1
  • buzzcube
  • cubedude3
  • cubedude4
  • cubedude5
  • cubedude6
  • cubedude7
  • cubedudesstar
  • rock1
  • ronald
  • walle
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