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Snap Ceramic Cups by INV/ALT Design

Amazing, fresh, never seen before and colorful. Is there anything else you would want  from a ceramic cup? Fun and functionality? Check this out then, they have it all!  Snap Cups by INV/ALT Design can be attached to each other or the accessory handles and stems,  or transform cups into building blocks and sculptures… Sounds like a lot of fun!

  • 3_handlesgroup2sm
  • 3_stemsfivesm
  • 3_stemsinglesm
  • 3_cupssnake3sm
  • 3_cupssculpturesm
  • 3_handledetailsm3_handlesearssm
  • 3_cupsabove2sm
  • 3_25288061082a683a51eb
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