Indonesian  designer abie abdillah has just presented his latest works, the ‘doeloe lounge chair’ and ‘pretzel bench’. For both furniture pieces, the young craftsman utilized rattan, a highly sustainable material with over 600 different species in existence.

Living in a city that’s already crowded and hectic, makes me often suprised seeing new buildings, apartments, and malls were still built rapidly these days in Jakarta. This condition makes me wonder how it felt to live in Jakarta in the 1970?s, when there are still many green places spread along the city.

From an eager to live on a time that I never felt, I want to create a furniture that took a piece of shape that could resemble that time. And this is why “doeloe lounge chair” was created.

Doeloe (read: dulu) means a time that has passed. Inspired by a design of “Oplet” (modified from Morris or Austin van designs), public transportation vehicles that used in Jakarta on 1930?s to 1979. Using rattan materials, which are consider as a classic material, “doeloe” was mean’t to represent my feelings to live on a time that I wish I could had.