This is THE missing piece we were waiting for! If you love bikes, you know what we are talking about, and if you live in NYC you are about to search the “Buy it Here” link. This smart and extremely beautiful idea was designed and gets manufactured, one piece ad the time, by Chris Brigham. Chris started his home furnishings company, Knife & Saw, after working over a decade in graphic design. He even worked at Google, as you can see from his beautiful portfolio.

As he says, “Nearly 11 years later, after working for a start-up or two, the amazing yet ill-fated Design Magazine-ONE, a small web company named Google and with an extremely talented group of people at Factor Design, I found myself still striving to make more tangible objects. So I decided to turn my garage into a wood shop and start building. With that, Knife & Saw was born. Not having a formal education in furniture design, I find myself learning a lot along the way, but almost always figuring it out in the end. I have a knack for reverse engineering and willingness to fail miserably which I think help a lot. My aim for Knife & Saw is to be a place where people can come with a problem or idea and I can take that and build something to fit it. I felt like it was hard to find custom built furniture that was somewhat affordable around town, so I’m hoping to fill that void.”