The book official title is Stickers although it’s now better known as Stuck Up Piece Of Crap. Written by DB Burkeman with Monica LoCascio, Introductions by Shepard Fairey and Carlo McCormick. We have seen the regular edition going around, nothing to do with what you’ll find in this Deluxe Limited Edition of 300 numbered pieces.

Whether you’re a punk, skater, graf?ti artist, musician, clothing brand, political activist, ?ne artist, or just a fan of a band, stickers have always been the perfect way to express oneself. Stickers features approximately 4,000 stickers from the exploding, vibrant world of street art, DIY culture, music, and branding. Cheap, democratic, easy to “tag,” and not always fast to fade, the sticker  has been an ever-present medium—from the New York and London underground punk scene to skate culture and political expression. Celebrating the graphics of this street-art medium, Stickers illustrates the timeline of this pastime, from counterculture to  politics. Stickers includes approximately 4,000 sticker graphics organized by categories and themes, with works by such diverse  artists as Raymond Pettibon and Jenny Holzer; street artists such as  Banksy, Neck Face, and Barry McGee; and amateur artists who “tag” the streets anonymously. With texts from artists and writers, including  Swoon, Stanley Donwood, ESPO, Clayton Patterson, Carlo McCormick, and Michael Betancourt, Stickers illustrates not only the visual and social history of sticker art but also the personal relationship that street artists and pedestrians alike have with stickers. Packaged in an oversized clamshell box, the deluxe edition features 23 large, original die-cut stickers, 8 artists actually signed their sticker.

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Here is an excerpt of the introduction by DB Burkeman

…It has been an amazing couple of years of scouring the streets for stickers. It’s been a great way for me to hang out and have fun with my son Max (aka “Eagle Eye,” for his amazing ability to see a hardto- spot-sticker— while we were visiting my dad in Soho, London, Max was the one who spotted a hand-drawn Anthony Lister.) Max—and kids in general, I think—are much more open to absorbing art in a profound way when it’s on the street and not in a sterile gallery. Our routine was to head to a specific area of town, kitted-out with our tools— a sharp blade, baby powder to neutralize the glue, and baby wipes to clean the dog piss and other crap off our hands. Max would sometimes ask me if I thought the artists would mind us taking their stickers down. This question did bug my conscience sometimes, but I came to a peaceful place, thinking that the artists would probably be happy to know their stickers will last a lot longer in a book.”

We don’t care if someone even bother to question whether “sticking” and “unsticking” is legal or not, we consider this an amazing example of pure and passionate art  and Stickers,  published by Rizzoli is the well deserved reward for such hard work. The World needs more people like these guys!!

We are EXTREMELY proud to announce that this amazing  box of marvels, or piece of collectible art, (call it as you prefer, certainly tot simply “a book”)  will be available soon at GSelect. Release date and retail price are not specified yet, stay tuned it will be announced on twitter. Needless to say, it wont last long!