The rustle of leaves on the sidewalk, glowing pumpkins at the windows, a steaming bowl of butternut squash soup…these are all signs of the arrival of Fall. At this point of the year another thing seems to be inevitable, talking about the Holiday season, the new year and of course, calendars. In this case we do it with great pleasure because the calendar we want to show you is the 2011 Pantone Calendar by Derek Bowers, the World-renowned authority when it comes to color.

The main aim for me was to make this calendar relevant on a global scale. With the color wheel being universally recognized, I used this and combined it with a mosaic made up of 1440 different images to create my main graphic. Sticking with the whole worldwide idea, I have included many visual references to a host of different countries within the mosaic, and highlighted many of the main religious and cultural holidays throughout the year.

To answer a question I have been asked a few times, no ‘special software’ was used to produce this. The grid was build in Illustrator and I placed all 1440 images by hand in (as close to as possible) some sort of color order.