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Renard Grand Tourer GT

  • Renard Motorcycles is a brand whose products are distinguished by strong individuality, intelligent design and immaculate craftsmanship. Their intention is to create something more than a bike but rather the ultimate motorcycle. Renard believes a motorcycle should be more than just transportation. Their aim is to combine functionality, quality and stylish looks, and put them at your disposal. The DNA of the Renard Grand Tourer is engineering intelligence – an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted V2 engine and components that represent the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry. The Renard GT’s carbon-fiber monocoque weighs only 11 kilograms, and is reinforced with Kevlar, to make it resistant to impact and vibration. Thanks to an increased cross-section, the composite body is stiffer than a regular pipe frame, and thus ensures very precise steering. The unibody integrates the motorcycle’s frame, gondolas, petrol tank and air box into a single load-bearing structure. The sleek, no-nonsense exterior gives the Renard its distinctive appearance.

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