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NOOKA launches new Zub Zayu watch

  • New York Fashion design brand Nooka is proud to release their newest and largest timepiece in the zub line: the Zub Zayu. At 51.5 x 40 x 12mm, this is a fashion statement everyone will notice. Taken from the Japanese word, sayu, meaning left and right, the Zayu is an asymmetrical timepiece with many innovative features: a one-piece polyurethane body and strap, a new display design with hour “time capsule” graphics, an ergonomic asymmetrical design that utilizes weight transfer to make the watch feel incredibly light when worn, a curved case back for an even more comfortable fit, and a “sleepmode” to conserve battery when not in use. Moreover, the zayu is a truly ambidextrous design that wears well on both right and left wrists. They even added the ability to flip the graphic to mirror the display if you want to swap between your left and right arms!

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