Glaciers are a powerful combination of natural elements and weather phenomena. Ice, stone, water, air, fight their battles before our very eyes. The visual richness of these unique places comes out of the violent yet slow clash of the elements, inexorably dragged down by gravity forces.

The Museum Project was based on this combination of basic forces and primeval elements which move slowly and majestically, with ourselves as minuscule witnesses.

Sustainability measures

During the design process the team decided to minimize the impact of the building on the site. Each pavilion was graded at the natural level, thus minimizing the need for excavation or fill.

The soil surrounding the building was left untouched. No landscaping was designed except for dirt roads approaching the building from the highway.

The radial arrangement of volumes helps mitígate the impact of the heavy patagonic winds on the structure. The use of light metallic construction will make it easier to disassemble the building when the moment comes.