Scattered across the hillside like a couple of snowballs are the Switzerland Whitepods just waiting to make your acquaintance. These luxurious guest suites are wrapped in a geodesic dome with a bedside panoramic view of the Alps in all their breathtaking beauty. They are perfectly arranged with a darling wood stove surrounded by cozy decor that echos nature with animal throws and log furniture pieces. Each pod comes with its own private bath and personal wrap around deck space. The common chalet is just footsteps away, inviting and spacious constructed top to bottom of exposed timber. A gorgeous stone wall runs through the center, guiding your eyes upward to the loft lounge with bar.


Indulge yourself in your very own spa located inside the pod house with Finnish sauna and Japanese bath. Or head to the chalet for a relaxing message. All their products used in treatment are the natural Italian brand Lakshmi and essential oils from Oshadhi.


The resort has taken initiative toward ecotourism. Their hope is to guide people to a mutual respect with nature and its ability to naturally provide relaxation, comfort, activity, contentment. They have made the environment a priority in regards to the following: limit consumption of energy and water, reduce waste, promote the use of renewable resources, educate clients on environmental protection. As a member of Eco Luxury Retreats of the World they meet a notably high standard following an extensive list of ecology and luxury criteria.








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