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Blunt Umbrella Giveaway at GSelect

  • You know those pointy ends of umbrellas that poke you in the face or that you poke other people in the face with? Well, no more. Enter in the Blunt Umbrella, with rounded corners that will keep you from injuring others and possibly also from injuring yourself. Plus, it’s got a few fancy reinforcements (radial tensioning system and double struts) to keep the structure intact when strong winds strike.

  • Two lucky winners will receive a free Blunt Umbrella (regular size) in their choice of color between black, red, blue or silver.

    It’s simple! Leave a comment to be automatically entered to win. For additional chances of winning friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. If you do all three, you will be entered three times!

    You have one month to enter, deadline is May 16th 2011. We will randomly select the winner using random.org, the winner will be announced on may 18th 2011.

    Shop at Gselect
    • Thibaut

      L’élégance pour le prix d’un commentaire…”J’aime”

    • admin

      That’s right, thanks Jim, fixed the typo :)

    • Jim

      Fantastic umbrella, good luck everyone. BTW is the winner announce date correct? ;-)

    • Raffaella

      this is so amazing, thank you !

    • http://www.designSTUDIOmodern.com Mark Meyer

      no more eye pokey!!!!

    • http://www.behance.net/marianovale Mariano

      Good design!

    • Clay Richards

      Great design guys

    • http://www.breathewords.com Adriana

      Finally, a well-designed umbrella! I would love to win one and show it off to my friends and family. Clearly, I’m not going to samurai anyone with it, but if I did, the round corners are a lifesaver.

    • Jake

      Geometry saves the day!

    • Rob

      Good design makes everything better.

    • Jonathan McElroy


    • http://interieur.tumblr.com interieur

      It was already on my svpply wishlist :)

    • T-Bone

      Tres chic! Sexiest umbrella ever!

    • Eyal

      Yes, Please!!!

    • ethel church

      Cool design. would love to carry one around.

    • Zephy

      These look great! I would just love to have one in red. Thanks for sharing!

    • emily

      Down with poking!

    • http://myturtleneck.com Catherine

      I love it. Brilliant! Pick me please! :)


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