Humans can be too entwined into technology and capitalism, but don’t always take a visit back to nature. The world is only stepping further and further away from the beauty of what the Earth has given us. Yet, Benoit Paille, a Canadian photographer and Art Director from Montreal, has become one with nature with his family for the past 7 years and photographing the elements for 3 of those years. They have been part of a community of people who come together in nature in a harmonious way for the goal of achieving good human nature. These gatherings are called Rainbow Gatherings. Even though photography is prohibited, Paille decided to take a collection of photographs for an art project. The exceptional work of this artist can be seen here.  Maybe nature is taking a step into human life once again.

Photos & Content by: Source1 and source2

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  • Dbakeca Italia

    Nice piece of knowledge and amazing shots!

  • Sunset Cheech

    I was about to make a comment about #17 blue but # 21 abandoned-echoes covered it for me… Honestly, get out more and explore the world!

  • abandoned-echoes

    #17 • blue on 18.09.2011 said:

    Mind that they’re in Canada, few black people to begin with.

    ummm you’re kidding right? have you ever been to Canada?
    we are an extremely multi-cultured nation, maybe you’d know that
    if you ever ventured outside your closed mind.

    • John C.

      Went on a backpacking trip through Manitoba with my friends a couple years ago. My black friend commented that the last black person we saw was at the border between Minnesota and Canada, and even then, it was one of the border guards.

  • Steveo

    The pictures were very powerful. I don’t think the open caption gave enough evidence to what Rainbows are all about. At least the tribes that come through Southern Illinois use term’s like “peace” & “sustainable” to cover up the fact that they are made up of some heavy drug users that will take advantage of people, become beggers in towns when passing through and can sometimes be violent. From what I have noticed most Rainbows don’t want to make the world or humanity better, they are not self-sustaining, they just prefer to be homeless and only come to town when they need something.

  • Tim

    I’d be terribly surprised if you actually witnessed this alleged meat poking. Having attended a number of gatherings, this is one of the most pervasive rumors that spreads through nearby towns in the lead up to the gathering. Most of the rumors are unfounded, and its well documented in the media that local businesses benefit greatly from the gathering.

    Regarding the cleanup, aside from renegade trails, and compaction, not much is left after a gathering is cleaned up. Since gatherings take place in National Forests, crews work with the US Forest Service, who provide a ‘clean up’ letter stating the job has been sufficiently done. As far as I know CO 06 was no exception.

  • royalewithcheese

    I lived in Steamboat Springs when the rainbow gathering came through. They absolutely trashed the land they stayed on and were absolutely the most vile people I have ever met. A woman came into the grocery store I worked at covered in trash with her baby son wrapped in newspapers and proceeded to poke her finger into things so that we would have to throw them out. I would see them rummaging through dumpsters at night to retrieve the items.

    From what I remember the gathering was held on private land. I remember reading the articles in the paper about how badly they destroyed the property.

    To give these people any seemingly positive press is just sick. The photographs are well taken but they should be sent to child protective services, not posted in a manner that “beautifies” these idiots.

  • blue

    Mind that they’re in Canada, few black people to begin with.

    Looks like a deeply miserable gathering. They’re not a high school baseball team, they could at least pretend to be happy. Perhaps at the next one Walmart could fly in a few pallets of Doritos and Dasani. Maybe some KFC, too. Liven things up a bit.

  • faded

    wow……what a bunch of pretentious douche bags!

  • Bee

    These photographs are so beautiful. Everything about them feels so utterly human, and real to the touch. I wish I could experience such a gathering.

  • Sixx

    Where are all the black people? Mlooks like some kind ofndirty white supremacy gathering.

  • Courtney

    They’re all real.

  • aromcath

    It was once said to me mankind could in fact return to nature and live such a non wasteful living… if you half the world population due the the lack of available medical care, agricultural capacity, and transportation. Any volunteers for early suicide?

  • LP

    Barely a smirk here and there. While I know this must have been a fun event, these pictures just make them seem like stylish, hipster hobos.

  • Ashley Beolens

    Wonderful images, that really capture the spirits of the people, however I can’t help feeling it is a little odd having digital photography at an event that is supposed to be harmonious to nature, but never the less I enjoyed the images :)

  • Kim

    I love it, no having to succumb to society ‘norms’ , Here in africa its more normal to spend more time outside and in nature. So to see people taking the steps in other parts of the world to appreciate what might not be there in a few years time is great!

  • Marc

    All very young… this is fun to do in your teens and 20’s, when you hit 40 or 50 you start getting tired of living like a college student and perhaps start to regret decisions that seemed like a good idea at the time but now relegate you to poverty and discomfort.

  • animatedpalm

    surrounded by water yet nobody bathes

  • Josh

    I’ve been to a rainbow gathering before. It’s called a camping trip.

  • mike

    I bet these people have bad B.O.

  • chris

    Looking upon these I wonder, are we living the image in our heads of what it means to be natural or just our natural selves. Good time tho

  • ashley

    this is one of the things that i have always, always wanted to do. go to a gathering.

  • Grace

    This is incredible. The photos are beautiful, and Rainbow Gatherings look like an intense experience.

  • Marc B.

    Nobody seems to be smiling.