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Unique Messenger Bags Made of Upcycled Sails

  • The summer weather is fast approaching, which means picnics, trips to the beach and perhaps taking work outdoors. Why not update your bag with some new summer messenger bags, unique beach totes or cool laptop bags? 360° bags are manufactured by Klein & More in Germany and made out of a unique, sustainable material: ship sails. That’s right, these eco-friendly messenger bags once sailed the high seas and each bag’s label will tell you what type of boat the sail came from, what type of sail it is and what oceans or seas it crossed.

    GSelect is one of the first to be selling these bags that are unlike any that have ever been seen before. These bags are made of extremely durable, water-repellent, white canvas that already has stood the test of time through all sorts of wind and weather. The bags also feature divided interior areas, cell phone holders and an extra-reinforced rubber base. Everyone will be sure to notice you with these unique messenger bags.

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