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Unique Office Space by No Picnic

  • No Picnic, industrial/product design consultants, have caused a glorious stir with their new office/studio in downtown Stockholm. Architect Elding Oscarson had to be extremely scrupulous about the conservation of this project since he wanted to stay true to the historical accuracy of the 19th century buildings. The creation has its own unique imperfections, yet also results in becoming a wonderful 21st century office space that displays the structural materials of the building with its vibrant and creative interior design. A sense of privacy is kept since the space includes a customer area that is discreetly separate from the creative spaces. Natural light spreads full and open in the workshop. There’s a symmetrical solution to the strangely placed mezzanine as their smart use of mirrors provide expansion in areas that could possibly lack square footage.

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    • http://www.ioa-hcf.com Fabio Delmestri

      What is the name of the red mesh high back chairs in this space, and the name of the manufacturer? Thank you. Fabio


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