A bike store in Barcelona has created a bike paradise for the modern bicyclist. This store includes tools, training, coffee, literature, gear and all sorts of things related to bikes.
In neat rows, bikes on sale are displayed using nominal display cases with potent backlit lighting. Joan Sandoval explains that his goal was to create a gallery in a warehouse where the art are all bicycles and accessories.
Basic lines and a sleek design is the outlook of the  700-sq-m store Pave which got it’s name from a famous road race. This space is a lounge for a bicyclist with its relaxing couches to watch TV for races, library for bike literature and a coffee shop to enjoy. Showers are even available so bikers can shower after a hard day of training. Mirroring European bike race paths, the inside entranceway is encased with cobblestone and the floor is painted in concrete. Sandoval says his inspiration comes from exhibitions of sculptors in industrial buildings in BCN and from alternate expositions during the furniture fair in Milan.