The Pond House, designed by Will Bruder and partners limited, is a majestic piece of architecture enclosed in a breath-taking rock outcrop mounting a swimming hole. It makes a beautiful connection between two contrary parts of nature; the Sonoran Desert and its riparian microcosm.

A cascading, elegant concrete fountain greets visitors as it represents the focal point once making the peaceful stride of entering this house. The steel and curvilinear stonewall of this home creates an illustrative canyon where water calmly flows into a flagstone stair. The opposite curved arcs creates a funnel into the house’s entry foyer that alludes a feeling of ancient ruins from previous cultures.

The zeal and scale of this home was molded to alleviation through it’s materials, textures and volume. The atmosphere creates an image where the house seems to continuously grow and float above it’s unique geology. The luminous silver metal coating of the concrete deck floats over the boulders edging the pond.
The Pond House effortlessly blends fabrics, art and fabrics into the architecture of its site. The intricately placed colored translucent resin frame and windows of glass create surprising vistas and perspectives. This house creates the equal perception of being inside a camera with its many lenses and apertures which manages to make the viewer see the world in many ways.