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Musica Maestro!

  • Do you love essential design?  Are you looking for a customizable, hand-made in Italy, high-quality unique bicycle?
    Look no further, Cicli Maestro is a new web-based bike store where users can easily create their custom made bike through an elegant and intuitive interface.
    Choose among 3 frame sizes in 6 colors, 2 models of saddles in 9 colors, 6 colors of rims and tires, 3 of chains, 3 different types of handlebars: all in all, almost half-a-million combinations for a truly bespoke result.

  • Craftsman ability, creativity and an innovative and flexible business model are at the epicenter of Maestro’s manifesto: to believe that “unique and authentic products can still be supplied at a reasonable price, to fulfil the desire of all those who, like us, don’t want to look like everybody else and value creativity, style and quality”.

    as Cicli Maestro’s creative team says:
    Starting from a steel hand-brazed frame, featuring a classic track geometry, Maestro bicycles can be personalized piece by piece. Based on customers’ indications, the expert hands of Maestro craftsmen build their bike component by component and deliver it home in 15 working days. Deliveries outside Italy are coming up soon, so check it out, get familiar with the idea of finally being able to build the bike you want and have fun!

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