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Bend it Like Lucic

  • Some football players have the star potential to remain athletic idols within the standhold of time. Honoring them hasn’t always been the most creative task for some artists. Yet, designer Zoran Lucic has created a memorable collection of posters for a selected few famous players. These posters beautifully blend hand-written and sentimental typefaces with muted colors that make celebrating these all-stars look amazing.

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    tiffy Tiffany “Tiffy” is a college graduate with a BS in magazine journalism. The freedom of expression compels her to the winds of creativity which brings her happily to Gblog”s artistic gates. Writing has always been her art, her talent, her calling. She also tutors and writes for her own blog, Heartbeat.
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    • hp

      Why no Arsenal?!?!?

    • http://www.premierleague.gr erik

      this post was really awesome! Messi’s photo is incredible!

    • edtrftgvbh

      Does he take requests? The second Crujff one is amazing, and the second Messi one actually


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