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Bike FixTation, DIY Bike Repair Station

  • For all the possible bike mishaps, Bike Fixtation allows you to pump your tires or tighten a bolt for free. And if a screw comes lose, replacement bike parts are sold in an adjacent vending machine. Bike fixation can be found at the Uptown Transit Station in Minneapolis, but if it’s a hit, be on the look out for more self-serving bicycle repair stops.

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    • Pedro

      Auckland New Zealand has had one for 3 years.

    • JHack

      They installed those stations (without the vending machine) in Tucson on the bike trails, very awesome!

    • dabber dan

      brilliant, period. and remember haters gonna hate regaurdless. it seems to be the way of the internet to try to blow holes in and shoot down and good or positive idea that might arise (pretty sad if you ask me)

    • Jerome

      screwdrivers need to be able to rotate 360˚

      • dabber dan

        no they dont BTW

    • kokitosa

      really cool,

    • Chavellen

      Yeah, bring it to the UK, I got a pair of bolt croppers I wanna test on those wires. I need me a new spanner.

    • http://keepsmeoutofmischief.wordpress.com Claire @ keepsmeoutofmischief

      That’s a really good idea, hope it comes to the UK soon.

    • Charles Paskell

      Is there any way we can get a pic of what is in the vending machine?
      I want to see if they have a variety of parts for different bicycles.


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