Jennifer and Mike Tuttle,  are wife and husband, business partners and designers of Inhabit’s amazing pillow collection. The Tuttle duo with  their love for mid-century modern design came up with  the  “Modern Chair” collection, which features bold silhouettes of Eames icons like the Wire Chair, the Molded Plywood Lounge Chair, and—one of the design world all-time favorite, the Molded Plastic Rocker.

Handmade in the United States from 100% recycled polyester, Inhabit‘s feather-and-down cushions,  are printed with eco-friendly inks that result in no chemical waste. And even though these retro-modern pieces will make those pillows on your couch look boring,  fans of the planet can take heart—all of Inhabit‘s pillows are completely recyclable at the end of their lives. shop now