This strange but spectacular creation looks like a floating lantern, but the facade of it all is that the viewers actually control this facade. Created by Swedish artist Mikael Pauli, Husfenomen is light show far from any other. Headlights of parked cars shine onto this structure and produce a reflective light onto this framework. “From one angle the surface appears red, and from the other it’s blue,” Pauli explains. “As the spectator moves positions, the reflection colours change.” Additionally, from other angles the building reflects the shadows of forest imagery.

Polished and coated in a weather-resistant paint, called Pärlemur, this establishment has reflective properties, which allow for reflection of any type of projection. “By illuminating the surface with 2w/m2, the whole building lights up with a glow that seems to come from within,” Pauli says. “When visitors approach, there’s a light metamorphosis. The facade paint is my innovation and makes it possible to enlighten the building with colour.” Visitors can walk through Hufenomen at its permanent site at Galleri Örsta in Kumla, Sweden.