The love for expression of murals has spread far and wide as Lawrence Williams founded an innovative project called Wide Open Walls in Gambia, West Africa. Williams wanted art to become an integral part of this community while also promoting the country as a tourist spot. The art seems to walk around amongst the community as his project was a collaboration with project Write on Africa. This particular project was based in South Africa where they worked in public spaces to make art come alive.

Wide Open Walls 2011 lives and breathes within many artists who have their own unique, creative tastes. Street artists from different parts of the world like Bushdwellers from Gambia, TIKA from Switzerland, Freddy Sam from South Africa, Know Hope from Israel, ROA from Belgium, Best Ever from the UK, Selah from South Africa and Remed from Madrid all have come together in this prolific effort to spread artistic awareness out into the communities. This project aims to develop a harmonious connection between the communities and the street artists through the eloquent form of mural painting, extended interventions and art workshops. The soaring imagination of a child can spread its wings within the villages since art supplies and a colorfully decorated refurbished classroom was provided by one of the artists Freddy Sam, the originator to Write on Africa.