We are pleased to show you the result of our last few months of intense work, our chair called Elda.  Elda Bellone and I (Davide Carbone) will be collaborating from now on under the name of scoope design. We have a series of very interesting project lined up but meanwhile, check this out.

Elda is a  “chairstepladder,” a re-design, a re-though of the sturcture, aspect, configuration, design and image of a farly unknown but existing object. The result is something new, fresh and clean that also carries a bit of a surprise element. A bit of the inventor’s geekiness added the extra element of functionality to the way an object can be inquired and designed.

An open object that can configure itself in the sorrounding space becomes different structures when the position is changed. This chair that can be a stepladder; a bookshelf that can turn into a small storage unit, or whatever else it needs to be.

The curious and colorful felt “hood” is an exchangeable accessory that gives a touch of personality. Adding to its conventional connotation of a simple domestic object, a breathe of fresh air. A fun exchangeable accessory that also prevents it from scratches when it’s turned into its “ladder” mode.

images by citylifephotography