From September 2011, Porsche will be expanding its exclusive Driver’s Selection range with the addition of two innovative bikes. The Bike RS and the Bike S rely on an uncompromising sporting attitude and the use of state of the art technologies. The two 29″ bicycles, built for speed, provide mobility in town and provide sports fans with the opportunity to go touring. The abbreviation “RS” stands for the most exciting promise at Porsche: Rennsport, or motor racing. The Porsche Bike RS also follows this challenging philosophy. Uncompromisingly designed for performance, the sports bike will impress with its high end carbon frame which offers high stability and extraordinary damping properties thanks to its newly developed modular monocoque construction.

The RS bike stands for Rennsport and has an innovative composure with its high-end carbon frame, 20 speed Simano XTR gears and 29″ Crank Brothers wheels.

The Porsche Bike S is also a remarkable design with its aluminum 7005 frame, toothed belt drive system, 11 speed Simano Alfine IGH and also has 29″ wheels creating a package of ultimate sustainability.

These Porsche bikes exude style and comfort allowing the bicyclist the absolute riding experience.