Dror Benshetrit has transformed a former fashion boutique into a modern sanctuary of prayer. The Soho Synagogue on 43 Crosby Street in New York City conveys an artistic direction with its overall details. As one enters, the striped front window portrays a sense of privacy as well as indicating the lines of the tallit shawl that Jewish men wear during prayer.

The reception area welcomes visitors with a sculptural desk that includes two white QuaDror feet and a contrasting translucent glass cover. The walls vibrate with color as a wall installation of colorful painted bricks represent the donors who made this project possible. Dark converging lines with fitted light bulbs on the ceiling leads to the prayer room which resemble the essence of a menorah.

Congregants enter a space that opens up to the path of a under-level sanctuary once leaving the reception area. In this prayer room, multi-functional paintings on the walls serve as decor and furniture as they can also be taken down and unfolded into chairs and coffee tables. Benshetrit has created a room of comfort with its beige low couches and single retro-style edison bulbs within the surrounding the atmosphere. Pipes are exposed in the room to accentuate the brick walls while seven aligned brick squares show the makings of a menorah.

Overlooking the prayer room, is a torah arc of overlapping circles that slide open and close over each other while holding one of the triangles that create the star of David.