Last time we saw Agata Oleksiak, better known as the crochet artist Olek, she was taking on Wall Street’s famous bull. Now she’s taking her yarn-swathed projects to a solo exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The title of the exhibition, The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal, refers to a work created by world-renowned British street artist Banksy for his 2009 Bristol Museum show, in which he carved a quote by Pablo Picasso into stone, crossed out the late artist’s name and replaced it with his own. Olek’s works will be on display until August 27th.

Being a performance artist, Olek’s exhibition didn’t stop with the pieces inside the gallery. She knitted entire head to toe camo-outfits for several people who then became part of her artwork.Out on the streets, shopping carts, bicycles, and even a scissor lift all got the crochet treatment.