Lacking in special historical or architectural values of individual objects doesn’t stop this impressive structure from making a spectalcular stance. Representing a unit of ambient value, the “Terra Panonica” in a baroque village in Serbia which provides a new meaning to the term village estate as it interpretes the village yard in a contemporary way. The estate designed by Studio Autori is a space for different cultural projects, authentic products presentation, guest accommodation for those who are staying, and for people just passing through.

House B represents one of the five buildings on the domain and allows for creative work of different varieties. It is the only building that is deciphered as contermporary through its materialization and form. The street facade is a representation replica of the old facade with its large number of openings towards the property. Inside the building includes offices and space for creative workshops that highlight both socialization and concentration.

The apartments tucked away in a separate zone is divided into separate units. An emancipated atmosphere is oriented to exposure and communication through the flexible interior and light wood within the structure.