Accomplishing the unimaginable, Alex Bellini tackled a challenge many could never dream to do. The Italian extreme athlete finished his cross country footrace from LA to NY on Saturday, August 27 in Central Park, NY. Seventy days of unpredictable conditions like 20 days of 100+ degree temperatures, flying debris from passing vehicles, daily changes of extreme elevation, fog, rain, bears and snakes couldn’t stop this intrepid runner. Following in the steps of the original foot racer Andy Payne, completing 46 miles a day after traveling 12 states over 3,200 miles in a 10-week trek was something Bellini knew he could do.

“There were days I felt I could not take another step and days of experiencing a kind of euphoria one rarely knows in life. Every border I crossed and mileage marker achieved made me feel closer to my destination. I had a great support team who were remarkable in helping me face the many daily challenges. The sites across America were breathtaking but the pain was sometimes intolerable. I knew however, that I would never give up. Never.” Also braving across the fierce waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic, this 32-year-old adventurer lights up a fire in many of us to achieve the  unstoppable with his courageous spirit.