On the Green Road – driving towards sustainability one mile at a time. 2 girls, a cat and a dog finding the balance between freedom, sustainability and passion. Fueling the conversation of simple, green living.

Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty decided to renovate a 2003 Airstream Safari with eco-friendly materials and convert their used diesel truck to a veggie oil machine to get “On the Green Road” in style.  The truck is powered by waste oil, while the Airstream is powered by solar panels.  The 25-foot Airstream also has rain water collection and a composting toilet. In terms of materials, the 200 square-foot renovation has American Clay walls and ceiling, a 500-w solar system from Applied Solar Energy, whole-house filtration by Blue Gold for Life, an eco-friendly mattress from Keetsa, Vida cork planks, natural linoleum flooring, PaperStone countertops, Hardwoods Inc. veneer cabinets from Eco Craft Cabinetry, LEDs from Elemental LED, a Lumicor recycled resin shower door, a Kirei board office desk, and a waterless Nature’s Head composting toilet.

More info photos and video of the project, here


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  • Julie Gold

    Wow you girls have inspired me! I was ready to set fire to my 25ft. 2001 Excella.
    Last year I had a hugewater leak coming in from many areas. The interier was removed inorder to find/repair leaks. I think every adhesive that was used is now shortening my life span by the day. After 9 months and my mechanic still had not finished with it, I went and got the AS back. I live in it full time with my German Shepherd.I,m thinking about looking into an air quality system that can remove the VOC’s. Definately want the LED lighting– fluorescent lighting makes me ill. Would like to do the Sun panels, but right now I live near Seattle. I think we had 12 days of summer this year. God Bless