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Kokuban House by Hari Architects

  • Mediating between openness and privacy, the “Kokuban house” is a two-storey home composed of a collection of structural boxes in the Tokushima perfecture of Japan. Designed by Hari Architects, a bold contrast against its white composition is distinguished with two silver boxes; one floating horizontally and the other standing vertically, creating a depiction of space with its elevation. The entry hall has a multitude of functions while providing access to the house as a tall freestanding chalkboard and swing set gives space to the children of the home. The white box accommodates the living and dining area as it situates on the ground floor while the two silver boxes provide the bedrooms and the children’s room. The gaps between the three forms create an airy and illuminating atmosphere accentuating the delightful pleasures of the home.
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