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Bit Fall by Julius Popp

German artist Julius Popp is the creator of the fascinating bit.fall, a waterfall creating a cascade of words sourced from live news feeds. The fascinating bit.fall,  is a typographical waterfall that creates a cascade of words sourced from live news. A series of valves open to let droplets of water fall to form letters and words. The work is a play between the highly technological system and its relationship with the natural elements. The end result is a spectacular visual experience.

  • “a physical water sculpture with 128 synchronized magnetic valves, so that a wall of falling water drops can be perceived as a graphical bitmap matrix. A computer application selects currently popular keywords from news websites, & displays them on the transparent ‘information curtain’. the ‘information flow’ metaphor literally demonstrates the dynamic & ever-changing character of continuous information streams from which users build their associated experiences.”

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