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Timms Bach, Beach Shelter by Herbst Architects

  • For generations, the bach – the New Zealand term for a back-to-basics beach house – has held a precious place in the country’s traditions, a link to an easy-going egalitarian past to which most of the islander are still very strongly attached. The word Bach derives from the word “bachelor” and came from the fact that these old holiday homes were suitably sized for singles, even though whole families often squeezed in for the summer. Aukland-based husband-and-wife Nicola and Lance Herbst aka herbst architects have built quiet few houses since founding their studio in 2000. With their choices of local sourced materials they master at blending their creations seamlessly with the landscape while making the most spectacular scenery with large windows and convertible indoor/outdoor spaces.

  • Via – Photographs © Jackie Meiring

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